Thursday, December 04, 2003

Can you believe this, finals are comming real soon! Just like when you want to have fun and enjoy the last week of school, then all of a sudden you have to do intense studying. It is going to be a tough week to come. A lot of reading and for other subjects like math, physics, and chemistry lots of problems are needed for refreshments. The hard part is memorizing many formulas you need to solve a set of problems, especially in math. Even though doing all this will be hard, but one thing is for sure, and that is when everything is done you will be happy. That will be the day when you can celebrate.

Monday, November 24, 2003

Today it was announced that Alonzo Mourning will retire due to his kidney illness. His kidney has worstened and needs a kidney trasplant in the near future, it was announced by the Nets, after months of signing a 4 year deal worth 22 million. He is a true warrior who fought back and was determined to play the game he loved after being diagnosed in 2000. Hopefully he can get the medical assistance he needs and live a normal life after this ordeal will come to an end. Not only he was a good player, but also a person who was close with the community after starting a charity organization in Miami.
Can you believe this. Today the Bulls fired Cartwright. Pete Myers will be the interim coach. Cartwright stint with the Bulls lasted less than 2 years. Overall he did a good job, especially after Flyod suddenly qiut. But was it his fault that he got fired? When Curry and Chandler are not producing like they did last year, who is to blame for that? The answer is not the coach, but themselves. Yah Cartwright made bad calls too. For example, why did he bench Jamal and Jalen and gave them a reduce minutes when they where producing. That was dump. Hopefully a good caoch will get the Bulls back in shape and eventually head them in the right direction.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Scott Peterson, who is accused of murdering his wife is standing a trail. They have enough evidence to charge him with murder. The telephone conversation he had with the female (whom he had a affair with) was read a little in court. As you began to read the conversation, one can tell that it was a plan hit. How can a person say my wife is alive and you have to protect me from the media? That shows he has something to hide. This telephone that has been recorded will be used in court against him. Also the female he had an affair with will testify agaisnt him, saying he did not tell him that he was married. Once the evidence proves he did the crime, then he will burn in hell. I will be the first person to turn the switch on and watch him die in pain.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Today Doc Rivers finally got fired. It is about time. He was not a good fit in Orlando and he couldn't help the team. Last year he was successful, but what happened this year? He should have no excuses for losing. With signing of Howard and Gooden in the offseason, he has good players to play with McGrady. Everyone is saying it is because of the injury to Hill, that is causing the problem. That is not true, because he has not played before and he was successful. If Rivers think he is a big shot and he doesn't deserve to get fired, then he is wrong. Orlando could use a better coach who can train McGrady better and his teammaters. The problem is Orlando is not McGrady but his teammates are not stepping up. So now Johnny Davis will take over, who was a former assistant under Rivers. Now Rivers says he will spend more time with his family.
Can you believe that Michael Jackson is at trouble again! Today many police officers approached Jackson at his property and searched it, for a long time. They where investigating an allegation to a child molestation. Officers found nothing at his property and they are not commenting on what is going on. Although nobody knows who called the officers to his property, that has brought at least 70 officers from surrounding counties to search. All these are just pranks to get Jackson in trouble. Everyone knows he did not commit no crimes, and he is not guilty of anything. However, since the media wants a story, they make this sound like it is a big deal, then portray him as a bad guy. He is not a criminal and everybody should leave him alone.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Registering for classes can be a pain for all of us, especially when the class is full or canceled. I had this problem when I tried to register for a business class, then only to find out that is it canceled, that just that time, but the whole section. What makes matter worse is my advisor wont return my call. When I left him two messages and said this is an urgent, this guy just ignored me. What is going on? I am sure I am not the only person that goes through this. The thing I hate the most is when I need that class as part of a requirement to finish up gen eds. I hope this problem can be resolved before the next semester begins.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Can you believe this, some things people do in public, and then they demand an apology for it. For example, Kate Geary, who breast fed her baby girl in a Burger King was upset she was told to stop or leave the store. Then she claims she was offended when asked to stop and demanded an apology from Burger King. She is the dump one. Why would anyone do such a thing like that in public. If you know you are going out, then bring some milk in a bottle to feed your kid, instead of breast feeding in public. The other people surrounding you will feel uncomfortable when they see it and plus it is rude. Everyone should know that this matter should be done in private and it is not for other people to see.
Today was a bad day. It is windy outside and it sucks. Me and my roomate could not sleep last night because the sound of the wind banging on the window kept us up. Even with the window shut real well, it still made a cracking noise. This made it difficult for us to sleep. Plus the noises of the ducks outside was worse. What is going on? It is cold outside and the ducks should migrate. Earlier in the day it was not bad, but windy. Once outside you feel like you are going to fly, with the rush of strong winds blowing into you. Hopefully the winds can come to a stop and we all will then worry about the cold.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Today was the first meeting between Jeff and Stan Van Gundy. They are brothers who coach two different teams. One coachs the Heat, while the other coaches the Rockets. Stan Van Gundy was looking for its first win of the season but was spoiled. This is a rare chance in the NBA that two brothers faced each other. The reason Jeff won is because he has better players, especially veterans. The Heat are going through a huge rebuilding process and has a lot of young players. If this is the case Jeff will beat his brother for a long time. One day Stan will get his chance when his players mature and get more experience.

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